Tools of the Trade

I purchase the majority of my supplies (icing tips, cases, ingredients, cupcake cups, sprinkles, you name it) from either Michaels or Bulk Barn. If you purchase supplies at either of these stores, it’s always good to check online because they constantly have coupons – never go to a Michaels store without their weekly 40% off one item coupon!

Here are some of my favorite products:

My Kitchen Aid Mixer – this is actually an assumption because it has never been used and is stuck at my parents house hours away. But I know when I get it, it will be glorious!

My Multi-coloured Mixing Bowls- So fun to use!

Coated Metal Cupcake Tins & Pans- Just not a fan of the silicon. Coated metal all the way!

Parchment Paper – There would be so much more cleanup without it

Wilton Tips & Disposable Bags – 1M is always a classic – purchasing a variety with large openings is your best bet for finding the best tip for what you want. Large tips mean results like for a pile of icing on a regular sized cupcake.


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