Cupcake Carriers

We had a tea party at work today, and someone else in the office brought cupcakes! (and they were delicious! It’s soo good to just eat cupcakes someone else has made for you every once in a while…). We got talking about cupcake carriers, and she has one that has the capacity for THREE DOZEN! I am beyond jealous.
I currently have two carriers – the basic Wilson, which carries 12 cupcakes / 24 mini cupcakes / one cake and a new one designed by Starfrit:



What I currently own "Starfrit Silicone Collapsible"

This one has capacity for 24 cupcakes, and is collapsible into a flat disk for easy storage. I basically thought this was the best thing in the world, until I stumbled upon:

The Dream: "Cupcake Carousel"

This thing is my new dream! It has the same capacity as the one I just bought, but it is SO much cuter and the cupcakes spin around on their little cups!

So since it seems kind of ridiculous to have THREE carriers, I actually think I’m going to sell my new Starfrit. Anyone want it, or have other suggestions about which carrier is best?

P.S. I’m seriously selling:


Happy Easter!

I celebrated Easter early in the office. These lemon cupcakes with cream cheese frosting were gone in 10 minutes!


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The bunnies are Caramilk, and the eggs are of course, mini eggs – both from Bulk Barn!